Don't fear getting a root canal. It's one of the most misunderstood dental procedures you can truly benefit from it. Your dentist can perform a root canal with minimal to no pain. You are likely suffering more pain from the damages that need to be corrected.


Save your tooth when the nerve or pulp has become infected with a safe, effective root canal procedure in our calm and welcoming office. You have nothing to fear.

Rely on an easy procedure

If your tooth pulp becomes infected it must be removed from the tooth. A series of dental files with ever increasing diameters remove and cleanse the nerve from the inside the root of the tooth.  The inside is then filled and will heal.

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 •  Your procedure will be one to two hours long.

 •  You may need a filling or crown afterwards.

 •  Your tooth will fully heal after the procedure.

 •  Expect sensitivity for a few days afterwards.

You'll feel significant improvement after your root canal procedure. Other than minor aches for a few days after, you will be on your way to feeling much better.


Don't suffer in pain for longer than necessary, schedule your root canal therapy today.


Consider cosmetic dentistry

If you are unsatisfied with how your teeth look, you can get many procedures here in our office to help them look better. Contact us today to see what can be done to get your smile looking the way you desire.

Don't be nervous about a root canal

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