How Invisalign will work for you

Your Invisalign is a series of custom, clear plastic aligners. They are derived from very accurate impressions or optical scanners. Once constructed, they carry out movements that traditional braces would and they can only be removed!

Just some of the benefits to you:

 •  Healthier gums

 •  Easier cleanings

 •  Decreased risk of abnormal wear

 •  The freedom to take them off whenever you choose

Get reliable, honest, and gentle care for the whole family. Enjoy the office which has

bi-lingual and handicap accessible. 96% Customer Satisfaction


Learn more about Invisalign and its benefits, call for more information today!


Want to replace missing teeth?

You can fit crowns, bridges and implants that will close any gaps or cover unsightly teeth, giving you confidence and a complete smile. Don't wait to correct your teeth, learn more about these procedures.

Traditional braces can bear wires poking your gums, the discomfort, the inability to eat what you like and more. They can also be embarrassing if you are not a teenager but would love to have perfectly straight, white teeth.


Try Invisalign, invisible braces that are a popular alternative to regular, metal braces. You'll love the benefits you get from Invisalign as opposed to traditional braces.


Try an alternative to traditional braces

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