Not much is scarier than suffering tooth damage such as a lost, chipped or broken tooth. It can also be hard to handle a severe toothache. Rest assured your caring dentist is ready to take you in, assess the problem and provide a solution.


With a convenient location and ample parking, you can get in to see the doctor quickly, putting your mind at ease.

Call right away

When you've suffered damage or are in severe pain, call us immediately. You'll get further instruction on what to do in your specific situation. The sooner you see us for a lost or damaged tooth, the better the chances it can be repaired.

See us for the following:

 •  Severe toothache

 •  Broken or chipped teeth

 •  Lost or knocked out teeth

 •  Abscess or soft tissue injury

Don't ignore the potential serious damage to your teeth. Waiting increases the risk of permanent damage, call us right away with dental emergencies.


Call anytime for dental emergencies, we're there for you when you need us.


Invest in preventative care

Keep your existing teeth healthy for as long as possible when you invest in preventative care. This includes regular cleanings, flossing and other special practices to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

There for you in any emergency

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